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yourlocalbandgeek: do you consider TeamGym participants "real" gymnasts?

Hmm, kinda.

Anonymous: hii I am 13 and can do roundoff backhandspring splits cartwheels on beam almost a backwalkover on beam handstands (floor and beam) front handspring (floor and vault) front walk over back hip circle squat on jump to high bar and almost a kip do you think I can make a level 5 or 6 team by December?

If you work hard, of course!

Should I continue this account? Each time I make a picture recently it does get very many notes, and I really don’t have a lot of time with gymnastics and school.

Anonymous: I need help with a front walkover. I can do a back bend stand up and a handstand limber but I can't do the walkover. When I do it and the first foot comes down I cand stand up and my other foot comes down causing me to fall or just land in a bridge position. I really need to get it because my hitch wants to add it to my routine next week

Sorry, my answer didn’t post last time.
Go into a backbend, lift your leg up and try to pull up with your leg up, keep trying into you stand up!
Once you get that do a handstand split and put one foot down in the bridge, then try to pull up with one leg up! Once you do that several times try to make it flow and make it one movement! They are really fun once you get them!

Sorry I haven’t been posting! Just moved into my new house Thursday and things are still crazy and our internet isn’t hooked up yet, so I have to use my phone. I’ll try to post more!

Anonymous: What are shin splints?

It is a pain in your lower leg, below your knee and above your ankle.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted the backwalkover and kickover tutorial! I am moving so I am doing a lot of packing and don’t really have time. I’ll make it as soon as possible. Sorry!!!

Anonymous: hi so i just started gymnastics and i can do a round off but i dont pop my hands up quick enough my teacher also says i pop them up quick then put them back down then i land and get them up but its not quick enough how can i pop them up super quickly?

Get more power, run harder! Also push off your shoulders! Push the ground as hard as you can with your hands!

Anonymous: This will sound strange but what are some good stretches for the butt and the leg muscles right under the butt?

Splits, oversplits, cobra (yoga move), squats (Yes, it does stretch you!), lounges, that’s really all I can think of.

Anonymous: i need help with my front handspring on vault. i have it by myself and all, but i pike into it and it's so bad. my coach is getting so frustrated and i am too. any tips?

This helped me:
If you are piking try to make yourself arch! It will make you get straight! Do it until you are straight everytime without thinking about it!
Good luck (: